Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Point of difference: who are you?

I love the way that so many people are so different and I sometimes wonder what causes them to be different. I feel that with the rise of television, infotainment, celebrity, popular culture, sponsored bloggers and the like, we are constantly given perceptions of who we are based on what we have and what we consume. I know from running Green Renters for example, that many people have a very set idea of a) how the founder of a national charity should be and b) what a sustainability 'expert' will be like. I tend to surprise people a bit as I don't tend to fit their stereotypes. No, I don't read the Herald Sun or watch Channel 9 (considered more right wing activities), but I also don't wear clogs and Gorman sack dresses. Or thai fisherman pants. (I have actually had two pairs of clogs in the past but gave up after the buckles kept falling off).

  1. I don't drive. I'm 38 but I never learnt. I moved to the city for University and had no one to teach me. After that I couldn't afford it and/or was struggling with bipolar and driving wasn't a good idea at that time. The thought of driving makes me nervous. Some people find it astonishing that someone can be in their late 30's and never had driven. I take public transport, ride a bike and use taxis as needed.
  2. I make all my own cleaning products with the exception of dishwashing liquid. Dishwashing liquid is very hit and miss and when you make your own you tend to need far much more than when one is mass produced.
  3. I adore crime shows and crime fiction. Big fan of the work of Jimmy McGovern and Val McDermid amongst others. I studied criminology at Uni. Yes, it's all very interesting but employment requires many years of further training.
  4. I far prefer winter to summer. I find hot weather exhausting and find I always have plenty to do in winter. I also don't feel guilty being indoors cooking, reading, crafting when the sun isn't shining. I always have a internal dialogue that says one 'should' be doing things on sunny days but often I don't have the time or people to do them with.
  5. I've been self employed for six years. I work from home all of the week except for meetings, workshops and buying materials, errands, post office etc. Self employment has many merits but there are also many disadvantages. I work most weekends. I've had only one job on a Monday only in six years. No one books anything on Mondays. I couldn't do it forever. That said, I'm moving to Leipzig to work on a chic lit (romance) novel. Enforced self employment really.
  6. I enjoy crime fiction and chic lit. I am not ashamed of this.
  7. I've never been part of any sporting team. I've never followed any sporting team. I've never seen a sports game in it's entirity. I'm just not interested, I'd rather read a book-except for roller derby recently. That was fun. My husband asked if I wanted to go again. My reply "Why? I've already seen a game".
  8. I make all my own skincare. I don't make soap though, I don't need any more crafts!
  9. I don't have children or any inclination to have children. I never have. I think some people see child rearing as a rite of passage to adulthood and don't consider being childfree as a viable life choice. I think people who really want kids should have them and I feel sorry for those who are infertile. Me,  I have other things that I devote my passions to.
  10. I have a rare health condition called Idiopathic Angioedema. It's been really quiet this year which is fantastic.
  11. I don't own a telly. But we watch plenty of online shows of our choosing. At the moment I'm watching Greek. It's suitably mindless whilst doing other things like sewing. 
Do you want to join in? I love getting to know people


  1. Great post! I don't drive either, I'm in my late 30s and phobic about driving. I wish people would get off my case with their "it's so easy once you get used to it!" I have similar anxiety about swimming, water above my waist scares me and if I'm in a pool I stick to the outside, unless it's waist height and I can go in the middle. Once my current washing powder runs out I'm going to make my own from a recipe I saw online. I own a tv but rarely use it to watch tv. There are shows I will watch like Doctor Who but tend to download them or watch dvds. Can't say I share the love for crime shows and fiction, I always say the actors on crime shows have a very, very short list of facial expressions they must use, ha ha! I'm also not in to sports and thankfully neither is my husband, of the AFL grand final he says "I wish they could both lose" ;) I've read up on Idiopathic Angiodema from your link, I knew about urticaria but still don't know how to pronounce it! I wish people who choose not to have children are just left in peace, my sister and cousins don't have children by choice and people just keep on at them. It's very intrusive and none of anyone's business. Finally, I am most envious of your move overseas!

    1. Yay for another non-driver. I'll pop up my washing powder recipe. Really easy :)

  2. Speaking of crime shows, I saw a CSI board game in Brunswick Savers today :P

    1. haha it's one of the shows I don't like. The science in it is at times inaccurate but the time frames are most infuriating-it can take weeks and months to get test results, not minutes. It's also incredibly expensive (particularly in the US where the defence have to pay for testing) so there's resistance to using it at times.

  3. Enjoyed reading this - the thought of driving makes me nervous too - I wish I didn't find it an easy way to get about because I don't trust other cars (esp since my car was written off in an accident last year) but it does make life easier.

    I love crime shows too - and reading crime fiction - got really into Stephen Booth a few years ago and wish I could find more of his stuff but once I have read quite a few books by an author I start to forget which books I have and haven't read - it is very annoying. I also love Ian Rankin. So much crime fiction is about exploring human nature rather than murder. I love watching British crime tv shows - George Gently is my current favourite.

    I've always been into winter rather than summer but I have been embracing picnics and visits to the beach over the last few summers. I agree that not everyone needs to or should have kids and get very annoyed at the attitude that life is not complete without kids. But at the same time I think it is great to have kids in your life - some activities are so much more fun with kids.

    I played aussie rules football once (and I mean one game) - I was rubbish as I have been at any team sports I have ever played - but I love cycling and swimming at my own pace.

    Writing a chick lit novel in Germany sounds so exciting - though motivation to write is one of my challenges - being in a strange place where I guess you don't know many people might create the headspace you need - is that part of the plan?

    1. oh totally, it's very hard to do something creative when your head is constantly in enviro/community devt stuff like Green Renters. It consumes a lot more mental energy than the limited financial gain it reaps. We'll be evolving it into something new very soon to free us up for other pursuits.

      ps-i really enjoy reading about your posts with Sylvia. Chris has several god children in the UK (despite being atheists) and we are looking forward to spending time with them as i get very little interaction with children besides the less positive interactions like those screaming in libraries and cafes hehe

    2. That's nice to hear you enjoy the sylvia moments - sometimes I worry they are just self-indulgent but I like to give a context for the cooking and eating - and it is useful to have a record of her eating - sometimes I look in wonder at things she used to eat. But yes when I said people should have kids in their life I didn't mean someone else's child having a tantrum in a supermarket - I mean a meaningful relationship - I still remember all the time I spent with my nieces before sylvia was born and it was really special to me.